Friday, 10 June 2016

Upstream Wind

Date:  9 June

Air Temp: 3 > 0 > 10 degrees C
Water Temp: 8
Water height: -3cm
Number of rods: 8
Number fish caught:5
Biggest fish: 21lbs Dean Mansfield
No 30+:0
No 20-29:1
No 8-19:4
Grilse: 0

Weather: Heavy east wind blowing upstream in the morning getting extremely heavy (approx. 50mph) in the afternoon and causing waves on even the calmer areas of the river. Some sunny spells during the afternoon before clouding over in the evening when the wind died down a bit.

Manager's comments:Really tough day for fishing, incredibly difficult to cast in some areas. "Hats off" to the fishers who persevered, the group on Lyliok rewarded themselves after a nice 21lb fish with a long bbq lunch of Salmon cooked over an open fire in the shades of the birch trees. Michael F had a particularly unusual experience on upper norcamp when a salmon attacked his joint between mainline and tip, becoming wrapped momentarily in the line. A few seconds after freeing itself Michael cast to the flat area where the comossion had just happened and a very aggressive 16lbs hen fish grabbed the Snaelda and took off.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Down Below

Gremihka Camp:

7 rods

Saturday 4th - Wednesday 8th June:

Approximately 35 fish landed and many lost also. Biggest fish 31lbs to Henry Gregson, lots of fish in the 15-25lbs range. All very good condition fish. No net marks, no poachers with good estuary guarding and inspectors with assistants patrolling

Hena, Robert and Spencer all scored nice fish, Alan lost a huge fish in "Ponds" after it took all his line running upstream! Robert hooked 5 on Wednesday and landed 3. Eric hitting fish here and there. Matt has scored well with some lovely fish also. Golden Wave pool just coming into shape as the water drops a little but "18" getting a little too low to work well. Home beat producing nicely although still a touch high for the "Boobs" to produce.

Most fishers using sink tips and tubes with Snaeldas or Cascades also large Golden Gunn doubles. Camp running well under Dima's management and with the addition of further comforts and connectivity Gremikha Camp is becoming a very comfortable adventure camp from which to enjoy hardcore spring salmon fishing.

Many Thirties?

Date:  8 June

Air Temp: -2 > 0 > 8 degrees C
Water Temp: 7
Water height: 0cm
Number of rods: 8
Number fish caught: 11
Biggest fish: 32lbs DanChristensen
No 30+:1
No 20-29: 5
No 8-19: 5
Grilse: 0

Weather: Today was a little warmer in general with wind from the South West at around 6m/s and sunny spells in the afternoon.

Manager's comments: Some really lovely spring fish landed today, this year they seem especially fat and muscular. Dean and Chris had an excellent day starting at Poacher's and ending at Pots - landing two fish each over 20lbs. Lyliok itself was not on fire, but Anders hooked and landed a remarkable fish of 26lbs in the Lyliok rapids (small window in true right bank of the rapids) Dan stole the limelight for the second day in a row by hooking an incredibly strong fish half way down the true right bank of Nahodka (Small lake pool at the bottom of lower Norcamp and top of Golden Reach.) which fought for over an hour and weighed in at 32lbs, measuring 104cms x 59cms.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Rapid Runners

Date:  7 June

Air Temp: 2 > 0 > 8 degrees C
Water Temp: 7
Water height: +3cm
Number of rods: 8
Number fish caught: 15
Biggest fish: 31lbs Dan Christensen
No 30+: 1
No 20-29:5
No 8-19:9
Grilse: 0

Weather:The wind had dropped a little by this morning and although still cold, small periods of sun made it feel like spring rather than winter.

Manager's comments:With the dropped wind the leaves have further unfuled and the fishing was a little more enjoyable. John M landed a personal best 26lb fish from Island with guide 'Elephant' Sasha and in the evening Dan hooked a fish above Lyliok creek that headed out into the middle and then on down the rapids and on down... and down... and was finally landed in the top of crows nest beat weighing 31lbs.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

After Supper

Date:  6 June

Air Temp: -2 > 0 > 7 degrees C
Water Temp: 8
Water height: +1cm
Number of rods: 8
Number fish caught: 10
Biggest fish: 34lbs Dean Mansfield
No 30+: 2 (Dean x 34lbs, Jon Thor 32lbs)
No 20-29: 4
No 8-19: 5
Grilse: 0

Weather: Really cold and bitter wind in the morning, plenty of snow and hail flurries, small spells of sun in the afternoon and wind dropping in the evening after dinner.

Manager's comments: Another really interesting day – pods of fish in various beats, although some beats really tough to fish in the morning due to the wind. Michael and Anders hooked 7 and landed 4 on Golden Reach, nothing was landed on Norcamp. As the weather slightly improved during dinner, Dean and Jon went down to Lyliok for an hour and a half and landed 3 fish for a total weight of 86lbs! Dean landing his personal best salmon – a stunning 44”x22” cock fish of 34lbs (left bank), and Jon Thor a very deep and handsome 32lb cock fish (right bank), having landed a 20lb cock fish a few casts earlier. A really nice finish to a day that also saw Dan land 3 fish to 20lbs. The meals are proving very good with our new chef Yury being coached for the next weeks by Icelandic chef Andri (of Sela River Lodge.)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Amazing Start

Date: Evening 4 June and Day 5 June

Air Temp: 0C to 5C
Water Temp: 9 to 8C
Water height: -12 to -9cms
Number of rods: 8
Number fish caught: 17
Biggest fish: 37lbs Chris Ballard
No 30+:1
No 20-29:4
No 8-19:12
Grilse: 0

Weather: An amazing array of snow, hail, rain, more snow and more hail. All driven hard upstream by a fierce northerly wind!

Manager's comments: An amazing start really. There are clearly plenty of fish here already and a good number of pods of Salmon pushing through each hour. Lyliok has been very productive, especially left bank as it's more sheltered. Chris Ballard landed one of the fattest fish we have ever recorded - by length it would have seemed more like 30lbs but weighed in at 37lbs. Nearly all fish are sea liced. With better weather we will really see what is in the river.