Monday, 15 August 2016

Week 6 to 13 August

Dates: 6 -13 August

Air Temp: 8’C - 20’C
Water Temp: 16C
Water Height: -20cm to -27cm
Number of Rods: 14
Number of fish Caught: 27
Biggest fish: 28lbs Ari Lahti & 25lbs Heikki Hamalainen
No 30+: 0
No 20-29lbs: 2
No 8-19lbs: 26
Grilse: 15
Sea Trout: 4

Weather: Generally speaking, greyish days with the odd spell of sunshine and the odd shower.

Managers CommentsA very mixed week this week but some good results nevertheless. We had two different groups this week, changing over on Tuesday night half way through the week. The first half of the week's fishing was certainly the tougher half. However, Ari L did manage a super fish weighing in at 28lbs. A true Yokanga monster, and a fish of a life time. Well done Ari!

The second half of the week did bring us slightly more action and some of the salmon seemed to have got slightly razzed up by something, perhaps the drop in pressure. All the pools began to liven up by the Wednesday. Everyone coming back to camp reporting that a lot of fishing were jumping.

We did as a team manage to get stuck into a few of the moving fish. We also had a couple of encounters with some monsters; Timo had an exceptional fight with a huge fish that sadly bent his hooks open resulting in loosing the fish. Heikki H managed to land a lovely 25lber, and almost every other rod had a salmon note. So well done to the team for keeping at it and coming away with a few good fish.

In summary, it has been a really good fun week. We've had some very entertaining evenings with people of the the guitar and a good singalong on the Friday night. A couple of really fantastic fish have been caught, and we've had two Bear and Elk sighting this week which always adds to the excitement of being out in the tundra.

Great to have met you all, thank you for such a fun week. I hope to see you on the banks of the
river again soon.

Tight Lines!

Toby Burrell

Lost Fish

Date: 11 August

Air Temp: 18’C - 20’C
Water Temp: 16C
Water Height: -27cm
Number of Rods: 14
Number of fish Caught: 9
Biggest fish: 16lbs - Antero Vesterinen
No 30+: 0
No 20-29lbs: 0
No 8-19lbs: 3
Grilse: 6

Weather: A good grey day all day with no rain and a slight downstream breeze.

Managers Comments: A far better conditions for fishing today, some people coming home with some good results. Timo K had a great day in Nahodka, hooking five fish and landing four of them. The fish he lost was a serious fish of note, taking him up near the top of Nahodka it shot off like a rocket. Timo was having to put up a solid fight to prevent it going down the rapids and he just managed to do so. However, after 20 minutes of an almighty battle there was a heart-sinking moment as the fly came pinging out the water towards Timo and the fish slowly disappeared back in to the depths of the peaty Yokanga. The amount of pressure Timo was having to put on the fish had bent the hooks, and his hooks are certainly not weak ones. With the three eye whiteness of the fish we have come to the conclusion that its estimated weight was 30+lbs. Although disappointed to have lost the fish, a fantastically thrilling experience leaving us with another fisherman's tail to tell.

The result of playing a monster

On other parts of the river, Pentti K had a lovely 12lber that wasn't too coloured, perhaps been in the river for 10 days or so. Heikki once again had plenty of action ending up with only two on the bank and sadly loosing a couple of very acrobatic grilse.

Pentti K with his fish from Poachers

Jukka H also had a couple of nice fish out of upper Norcamp 6lbs & a 12lbs. Both on a small Willie Gunn. Antero V had a lovely 16lbers which is the fish of the day. Well done Antero.

More of the same weather forecast for tomorrow for the final day of the season... let's hope we can finish up on a high.

Toby Burrell