Sunday, 6 August 2017

Week 29 July-5 August

Date: 29 July to 5 August

Air Temp: 8-20C
Water Temp: 14-16C
Water height: -17cms to -25cms
Number of rods: 10
Number of fish caught: 61
Biggest fish: 32lbs Rob Waddington
No 30+: 3
No 20-29lbs: 4
No 8-19lbs: 28
Grilse: 26

Guests in the last week of the season

Weather: This week we have seen warm muggy weather and 25C slowly getting fresher and colder with temperatures dropping to 8C during the day. Perfect fishing conditions for this time of the year.

Rob W with one of his two fish over 30lbs

Manager's comments: It has been a tough fishing week for this time of the year. It was suggested that fish numbers were down but we started seeing more and more fish as the week continued and the weather freshened up. 

Bjorgvin with a 31lber from Sand Island

There were perhaps less grilse about this year but the big fish pools still had the ‘big boys’ crashing about in them. Proof of that was Rob with his pair of 30lbers, 30lbs from Poachers and 32lbs from Norcamp. Bjorgvin also landed a 31lber in Sand Island and his father Hilli played a huge fish in Cliff for 30 minutes before the hook failed. In addition there were a further four fish landed in the 20-29lb bracket.
Rob with another big one

Thanks to the fishermen of 29th July to 5th August for their support in making this week happen in such a wonderful place. Sadly this was the last week of the season but we have ended on a high with some very large fish being landed and others lost. It would be interesting to see the river next week!

Iain Kirk