Monday, 3 June 2019

Pre Season Update June 2019

With the 2019 Yokanga season fast approaching we wanted to bring you the latest news from the river.

View of Boulder Alley
The Yokanga is already at a good fishable height (+9cm) as the photos demonstrate and the water temperature is currently at 8.5C. A small amount of snow remains so things are looking good for the start of the season this Saturday. The forecast seems to be showing higher air temperatures for the latter part of this week so that should lift the water temperature a little further still. Conditions are well within what we consider to be the normal range.

Downstream towards Lyliok
Prospects for the Yokanga 2019 season, running from 8 June to 20 July, certainly look promising. Yokanga lodge staff and guides are all in place so we look forward to seeing you there.

Henry Mountain and Peter Rippin