Saturday, 14 July 2018

Week 7-14 July

Date: 7-14 July

Air Temp: 7C-26C
Water Temp: 12C-16C
Water height: -26cm to -33cm
Number of rods: 14
Number of fish caught: 157
Biggest fish: 26lbs David C and 26lbs Jean Marc F
No 30lb+: 0
No 20-29lbs:  6
No 8-19lbs: 38
Grilse: 114


After a reasonably cool start to the week it was a hot finish with some sweltering sunshine.

Bright sunshine
Manager’s Comments:

Looking at the numbers we had a good start to the week with the cooler weather. As you might expect this was when the larger salmon were landed. There were two terrific fish, both of 26lbs, landed by David C Jean Marc F.

26lber from Pump
The increasing sunshine and air temperatures over the course of the week meant increasing water temperatures and consequently the bigger fish were elusive and reluctant to take a fly.
26lber for Jean Marc F
There has been a good push of grilse in the month of July and these fresh silver bullets have provided good sport throughout the week and have kept morale going.

Rob W at 7 Islands
I head home now after an enjoyable three weeks on the Yokanga. There follow a couple of weeks of Russian clients and our final week of the season will commence on 28 July.

Bill Drury