Thursday, 3 August 2017

Waking up

Date: 2 August

Air temp 8 degs
Water temp 14 degs
Water height -25 cms
Rods 10
Fish caught 10
Biggest 32 lbs Rob W

30 lbs plus  1
20/29 lbs.    1
8/19  lbs.      7
Grilse            1

Waking up this morning to a dull fresh day with rain until 3 pm
Still Running
Today we have fresh bright fish moving into lyliok with Colin landing a very bright 12 lbs fish. Yet again Rob W had an enormous fish from poachers this afternoon of 32 lbs. this was after loosing a fish in the region of 40 lbs plus in norcamp.

Big fish finally playing the game
Poachers and seven islands anglers have reported seeing and raising huge fish today, as if they have just woken up after the high water of early season.

Iain kirk